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Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

WDC believes in empowering women and youth to lead and own successful businesses that allow them to achieve financial success and independence, gain personal and generational wealth, and reinvest into their communities. WDC also recognizes the importance of using a whole person approach that addresses social determinants of health and empowers women and youth to overcome systemic barriers. That’s why our programs also connect entrepreneurs with resources for self-care, personal growth, health, wellness, safety, family and work-life balance, leadership development and more. Our career exploration,  entrepreneurship programs and opportunities include: 

  • Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship 
  • Cooperative Business Development
  • Business Classes (led by WDC members and partners)
  • Coaching & Consulting (Provided by WDC, members and partners)
  • WDC-Hosted Business Websites
  • Sugary Stop

WDC also promotes women, youth and ally-owned and led businesses, organizations and services in the WDC Network Directory, and connects women entrepreneurs through our peer-to-peer programming

Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

Sponsored in part by:

WDC Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship (EYTE) is an 8-week program tailored for young people, who self-identify with communities of color, underserved populations, or other systematically oppressed groups. The program offers career exploration, hands-on entrepreneurship experiences via the Sugary Stop—a class business—and guides participants in developing their own business. 

Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship (6th, 7th and 8th Grade)

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Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship (21 and under)

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Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship (21+)

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Business Classes

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Sponsored in Part By:

Coaching & Consulting

Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade

Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (303) 892-3840

Maya Wheeler

Maya Wheeler Executive Director Wezesha Dada Center 7194350422 

WDC-Hosted Website Program

WDC provides members and youth with a free WDC-Hosted website for their business as they’re getting started. Contact us today to fill out the form, and have your website up and running in no time! 

The Sugary Stop

Get hands on experience running your own business by volunteering at the Sugary Stop and earning some cash!  In 2023, WDC Empowering Girls Through Entrepreneurship students recognized that the summer months bring hot weather and the winter months bring cold weather; But, no matter the season, people love to have their thirst quenched with refreshing seasonal drinks. Thus, the Sugary Stop was born! The Sugary Stop is a social enterprise LLC (currently in the process of becoming a social enterprise of WDC) developed, run and led by students of WDC’s Empowering Girls Through Entrepreneurship course to provide hands-on entrepreneurial experience and allow students to receive income for their business or future school work, all while providing the residents of Colorado’s Denver Metro Area with unique, high quality, refreshing seasonal beverages.



Connect with peers, promote your business and do business with Women-Owned establishments and allies throughout Colorado.

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Achieve success while balancing health, happiness, safety and family.


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Find funders and capital resources for supporting your business venture or personal success. 

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