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Who We Are

The Wezesha Dada Center (WDC) empowers women to amplify their voices as catalysts for resilient families and communities. The WDC brings women together and provides technical assistance, support referrals, and resources to help women establish businesses, achieve financial independence, and improve their overall well-being. Though women have always played a crucial role in society, societal transformations gradually eroded their leadership positions. These changes have brought both barriers and opportunities that many women, due to their circumstances, have not been able to fully embrace. 

Despite advancements in equality and equity in the United States of America, the number of businesses led and owned by women who identify as BIPOC, as well as others who have faced systemic disadvantages, continues to fall short of reflecting the diversity of our communities. Not only do women face obstacles in accessing resources and opportunities from the community-at-large, there are many women whose barriers are not addressed by agencies that focus solely on specific populations. Today, Black, African immigrants, Spanish-speaking women, LGBTQ+ women, women who have faced incarceration, women with disabilities, Muslim women, and many others continue to struggle to find a place where they feel like they belong. Ultimately, these barriers impact women and their families, and can lead to greater community impacts. Importantly, the lack of ability to secure and pass down wealth can lead to generational poverty and financial insecurity; the lack of resources can impact women’s safety. In addition to preventing women from reaching their own unique and highest business success, these barriers can lead to community challenges, including increased crime rates, domestic violence and other negative community impacts.

Founded in 2022, WDC aims to address root causes of business challenges and wealth disparities by empowering women with education, resources, connections, referrals and tools to achieve financial independence, business success and overall health and well-being. We aim to be a partner with other agencies and governments in creating increased wealth and prosperity in systemically disadvantaged communities that truly uplifts individuals and the communities around them. As an incubator of entrepreneurs and women-led and owned business, the ripple effects of our work will not only lead to an increase in successful women-led and owned businesses, but also reductions in crime, domestic violence and other challenges in our communities. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower women who identify as BIPOC – and others who have faced systemic disadvantages – in Colorado and beyond to achieve economic success by providing business-related education, training and technical assistance; promoting peer-to-peer connections; facilitating funding opportunities, partnerships and referrals; and connecting women with self-empowerment and advocacy resources and tools that promote safety, well-being, influence, and independence.


We envision a Colorado – nation and globe – where the WDC is seen as a leading and trusted voice within BIPOC and systemically disadvantaged communities, as well as the community-at-large; We work towards an international community where the number of businesses owned and led by empowered women who identify as BIPOC and others who have faced systemic disadvantages – including women of all abilities, faiths, religions, languages and sexual orientations, as well as women who have faced incarceration – is truly reflective of the diversity of our communities.

Core Beliefs, Guiding Principles and Values


Education We believe knowledge is power, and we aim to connect women with education, resources and tools that enable them to lead successful businesses.

SupportWe believe women who have faced systemic disadvantages can overcome any obstacles with the right support. We aim to nurture and promote success, and to connect women with their peers and others who can provide guidance and encouragement.

Empowerment – We believe that resilience, combined with grit and self-determination allows people to reach their full potential. We use the mantra “It’s not about moving the mountain; It’s about our commitment to climbing it, and our dedication to keep going.”

Indicators of Success We believe that successful business leaders truly achieve success when they are happy, healthy, safe and have achieved financial security and independence.


Best Practices – We’re dedicated to empowering our clients with the latest and most effective practices throughout a variety of industries. We strive to ensure our clients and partners have the best tools to achieve and maintain success.

Caring Customer Service – We believe person-centered, attentive customer service is a cornerstone to business success, and we strive to provide the same level of high quality one-on-one attention to our clients and the communities we serve; We aim to create a warm, friendly environment where our clients, team members and partners feel cared about and valued.

AccessibilityWe’re dedicated to ensuring our programs and services are economically accessible, and we’re committed to reducing and removing barriers whenever and wherever possible. We’re also committed to meeting our clients where they are.

Credibility – We believe that businesses can break down barriers to success by operating legitimately, and with the right licensing and proper policies and procedures. Our aim is to ensure that all businesses are fully prepared, and funding-ready.

Community Engagement – We believe that we are most effective when we are actively visible, accessible and engaged with our communities. We strive to be a part of events and activities that highlight, promote and bring together women-led and owned businesses and organizations. 


Personal Relationships, Community and Partnerships – We believe success is easiest to achieve when we honor and nurture our personal relationships with our customers, clients, partners and the community-at-large.

Giving Back – We promote a culture of reinvesting in our communities. We believe that success can generate success, and giving back through time, money or volunteering is an important part of developing community wealth and prosperity.  

Happiness – We believe that people are most successful when they are truly happy doing what they love; We hold that value for ourselves as well.

Investing the Future – We value giving to the next generation, and ensuring women-led and owned businesses have the ability to leave something for their children and their communities to grow from.