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WDC recognizes that self-care, personal growth, health, wellness, safety, family and work-life balance are critical to empowering women entrepreneurs to achieve business success, while maintaining their whole person wellness. We offer three (3) strategic programs: Self-Empowerment Classes and Advocacy Opportunities; Community Resources and the WDC Coaching Connection Directory. 


Teach a class with WDC or join our coaching directory! 

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Self-Empowerment Classes

Self-Empowerment Classes

WDC Self-Empowerment classes are provided by WDC members, community partners and sponsors each Saturday from 11:00-12:30 (or different days during the week depending on instructor availability). Classes are provided free of charge to WDC members ($15.00 for non-members), and all classes are held via Zoom (or in-person where indicated). Course topics include: Physical, Mental and Emotional Health & Wellness; Safety; Family Life; and Work-Life Balance. 

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WDC works to empower our members and communities to be an active part making their communities safe, inclusive, accessible and prosperous for themselves, their families, their businesses and their future generations. 

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WDC Coaching Directory

The WDC Coaching Directory connects WDC members to a wide range of coaches focused on health, safety, well-being, family and other important topics related to personal and financial growth and overall wellness. Join our coaching directory here.

Maya Wheeler

Executive Director Wezesha Dada Center
Home 738 Peoria Street STE D Aurora CO 80011-9995 Work Phone: 7194350422 Website:
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Community Resource Directory

WDC maintains a list of important resources who provide prevention and crisis services focused on the safety and well-being of women leaders and entrepreneurs throughout Colorado. We’re dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs to find help and resources if and when they need it. We’re building our list now. If you know of additional resources that should be added to our directory, please let us know!